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What IS The Great Escape?


It’s a brain-bending mystery packed with puzzles, riddles, and secrets. A unique, fun thing to do in Siem Reap and a fascinating way to celebrate any occasion or help bring your group together as a team. An unforgettable experience unlike anything you’ve done before.

It’s an escape-the-room video game… in real life. Each room tells its own one-hour story, and your role depends on which you choose.

In Crime Scene 86, you’ll step into the shoes of an early 20th-century crime investigation squad to solve the murder of a prominent detective. Will you crack the case and escape before the killer returns to finish the job… with you still in the room?

In The Lost Room, nothing is what it seems. Or is it? A famous adventurer’s on the run, having stolen five precious treasures from the temples of Angkor. Rumour has it that he’s hidden them in his own secret room to avoid discovery… will you, a rival adventurer, discover the treasure and escape before he comes back to claim it for himself?

In Prison Break, you have to do whatever it takes. Confused, imprisoned, and framed by a gang leader for murder, you desperately try to explain your situation to the guards, but they’re not listening. Are they in on the frame-up? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters now is getting out of here before you’re tossed into the yard with the victim’s buddies…

Common sense, teamwork, and a little ingenuity are all you need to unlock the secrets. It won’t be easy. But it will be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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Need more info?

Here’s our player FAQ.

If you have other questions, please feel encouraged to ask!

What kind of game is this?

It’s new, fun thing to do in Siem Reap.

A real-life escape-the-room game, not unlike video games in the same genre but with a more engaging, REAL-world experience.

You and your team will search, solve, and discover the secrets hidden in the room for an hour with the ultimate goal of escaping victoriously.

There are NO scares or physical challenges involved – all you need is your brain.

Will I enjoy it?

Players exit the game with huge smiles on their faces. If you’re looking for a fun, unique family or group activity in Siem Reap, The great Escape is for you.

Who can play?

Everyone! Friends, family, colleagues, travel companions… everyone. Every part of the experience is fully family-friendly (although it’s up to parents to decide if their children will feel OK in a simulated crime scene).

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable wearing in a temperature-controlled indoor environment. We do recommend against high heels, tuxedos, or other formal/fancy wear. You won’t be getting dirty but you’ll want full range of movement.

Will I be safe? Scared?

Safe? YES. Scared? NEVER. Rooms are staff- monitored by CCTV at all times (and you’ll love the resulting screencap photos!)

Will I be grouped together with people I don’t know?

Only if you’d like to be. Ideal team size is 3-4 players but each room can accommodate up to 8.  Unlike other rooms, we do not have a minimum size – meaning you are guaranteed to have the room to yourself with 2 players.

How many people can play?

Each game is designed for between 2 and 8 players. We believe 3 or 4 to be the ideal team size, but it’s totally up to you.

Should I arrive early?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled play. Since we run scheduled games each hour, arriving later may cut into your playtime to avoid impacting the next group – our staff needs to reset the game after each playthrough.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

Don’t worry. The rooms, although enclosed, are not that small, include no tightly-confined spaces, and are constantly monitored by our staff. You can choose to leave at any time if you like.

What are your hours?

10:00am to 10:00pm, every day.

How hard are the games?

They’re not easy, but not crazy either. About 40% of teams successfully escape. You don’t need to be a genius – common sense will get you through – but you will need a basic level of English to be able to solve the puzzles in each room.

When was the Great Escape established?

We first opened in 2015.

Are you part of a chain?

No.  We are a unique one-of-a-kind escape room operator.  You will not find our games anywhere else in the world.

Ready to play?

Games every hour 10am-10pm

We’re also happy to answer all your questions – please don’t hesitate to ask!

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    review rating 5  We did the Lost Room and loved it. Props were good and difficulty was adequate for the family of four with 7 years old boy.

    thumb Mamuka Khantadze