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Player rating: 10.0   Time to play: 60 min     Players: 2-4


February 2, 1990 – 8:00am

Okay… think… think!

How did this happen? You didn’t have that much to drink. But the last thing you remember is hanging out at the bar with a couple of friends and now this?


Between you, you’re able to piece together last night’s events. You were just relaxing, meeting new people, having a good time – but even though he seemed nice and offered you a round of drinks, you knew there was something strange about one of the guys you met.

Everything gets a little fuzzy after that round – could he have put something in your drink?

Suddenly, it hits you:  that guy killed somebody in the bar! You were some of the last customers there, and he must’ve drugged you so you wouldn’t remember… and then framed you for the crime.

Okay. Calm down. You can talk your way out of this.

The guards here make hourly rounds, and you do your best to explain your story. Unfortunately, the “evidence” was perfectly planted. They don’t believe a word of your story. But you do learn something: the victim was a well-known gang member with a lot of friends, and you’ve been painted as hired assassins from a rival gang.

Unfortunately, that rival gang isn’t as popular. You’re not going to find many friends in the yard, and the guards not-so-subtly let you know you’ll be lucky to survive the day among the general prison population. It’s obvious they don’t mind, either.

As they walk away, laughing under their breath, the reality of your situation sets in: you were framed for murder and denied any kind of communication with the outside world. Now you’re in prison for life, and nobody is coming to help you. Nobody even knows you’re here.

Reasoning with the guards was a waste of time – you suspect they might even be in on the frame-job. There’s only one way out of this.

You’ve got to get out of here on your own… and you’ve only got an hour before the guards return, open up the cells, and toss you out in the yard with hundreds of hardened criminals who already know what “you” did to their friend.

One hour.

You look around and take stock of your options. The shadow of a plan begins to take shape in your mind – you just might be able to pull this off, but it’s not going to be easy.


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