Game Overview

Player rating: 10.0   Time to play: 60 min     Players: 2-8

Saturday, March 25th, 1986

3:00am (in bed)

Your phone rings suddenly in the night. Being the lead of a crime investigation squad, you’ve come to expect calls like this. You still hope it’s not another weekend emergency.

But it is. Of course it is. The Chief Inspector informs you, in a hurried voice, that the city’s most famous detective has been discovered dead in his own office after a noise complaint from a neighbour. The only clue? A note left behind at the scene:

“Don’t try to find me. I’ll find you…”

The killer the detective was tracking has a very specific M.O. – he or she always returns quickly to the crime scene to clean out every shred of evidence.

With five suspects and no strong leads on the real killer, this could be your chance to finally bring them to justice! But you’ll need to act quickly to prove their true identity.

By 4:00 you’ve readied your full team and you’re on your way to the scene.

5:00am (Crime Scene 86)

As you ascend the stairs to the detective’s office, the Chief Inspector shares all the details he has. There aren’t many.

As usual, the killer entered without a sound. Nobody saw him or her, and the noise heard by the neighbour was most likely the detective attempting to fight off his assailant. The Police Department believes the true killer to be one of four of the detective’s clients, but they are very good at what they do and the only trace left behind is a lifeless body on the floor.

That, of course, is why they called you – the city’s finest investigation team.

You’re the best at what you do, no doubt about that. But you know that this time you’ve only got an hour to uncover the clues, piece them together, solve the murder mystery and discover the killer’s true identity.

The Chief Inspector knows your team prefers to work without interference, so he locks the door for your safety and leaves the scene to you.

But the killer’s likely already on the way back… and the lock didn’t stop them the first time. Can you crack the case in time?

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