Security Guards Employment Outlook: Security Guards And Their Future

Security guards are one of many occupations that are constantly in need of improvement and development. Many security guards are in high demand throughout the United States, as well as around the world. Security guards are employed to apprehend criminals and supervise companies or government agencies that have employees who have access classified information. These guards might also be employed in high-profile positions like detective agencies, corporate defense departments, or national security agencies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, security guards earn an average of $19 per hour.

Security guard work offers many benefits, including the possibility to work in a high-security environment with little or none formal training and minimal risk of injuring yourself or others. For many people security guards offer the perfect entry level position into the business world. Many security guards find that they have the ability to get jobs in many areas of the legal or business worlds due to their experience. Temporary and permanent jobs are available for those who can secure government or sensitive facilities. Security guards are needed to protect employees and properties. Many industries also rely on them.

One of the first industries in which guards find employment is within the private security guard industry. Most security guard jobs today are held in the hands of people with criminal records. This can cause a lot of conflict between employees or employers. Due to the nature of these jobs many security guards may receive low wages and few or no benefits. This is still a widespread practice. Even though most states prohibit employers of discriminating against employees on any protected class basis, many security guard employers abuse their power. These guards are often hired because they have great physical strength and can still perform dangerous tasks.

Guards are employed by private security companies. Another sector of the guard industry relies upon them to fill off-duty guard positions. Guards often have to work longer hours than they do in their regular duties because off-duty guard positions are more physically demanding. Guards who don’t get enough rest or who wish to spend more with their family can find themselves in serious trouble. However, for guard employers such as bars, restaurants and hotels security guard off-duty positions tend to offer the best way to keep guard employees productive, while still having something available to them when they wish to do so. In these types of environments, guards receive a standard rate of off-duty pay. This can be increased/ decreased by the employer.

Another field where security guards find work is in the sales sector. There are many sales jobs available in the security guards’ field, from floor supervisor to cashier. Although this can make it difficult to find regular jobs, there are often plenty of opportunities. Security guards can earn a steady income and can turn down other offers when they find a permanent job.

The median salary for security guards is also quite consistent, and rarely changes according to a specific guard’s experience. This is true for certain specialized positions as well. For example, the median salary for a patrol officer, as compared to other types of law enforcement, is actually quite similar. The same is true for corrections officers, highway patrol officers and other specialized jobs in law enforcement. Earnings for security guards with additional education, experience, and skills can vary greatly. While guards who are experienced may see increases in their earnings, guards with little experience may find that their income continues to decrease year after year.

As you can see, the earnings of security guards are based upon numerous factors, including their experience and the number of years in the field they have spent working. It is important for guards to keep in mind that their experience will diminish over time but not to the point that they are no longer considered “highly skilled”. Although there are many security officers who have no experience whatsoever, most guards have some form specialized training, certifications or licenses.

Security guards also tend to get promoted from within their company. Some agencies offer advancement opportunities to guards who reach a particular milestone, such as being named “rising star” or achieving a “senior guard” designation. There are also promotions to specific positions within the firm. These opportunities are not based on an individual’s performance but also the median number of employed annually. Those guards with the most experience will generally have the best chance for advancement. Overall, the security guards job outlook is positive with many positions and a high median annual number of employed.

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