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Player rating: 10.0   Time to play: 60 min     Players: 2-8

Last week…

You knew the lost treasures of Angkor were taken even before the news reports began. Archaeologists and adventurers run in tight circles, after all – everybody knows everybody.

It didn’t take you long to figure out who stole them, either. A few quick questions to the right people, and there was little doubt: Jack Travis was the only one who could have solved the tombs’ puzzles to make off with the five statues.

The authorities came to the same conclusion, of course, and now they’re on the hunt.

But you know something they don’t: Jack is too clever to walk around with priceless ancient treasures in his pocket. He must have hidden them somewhere, hoping to return later…

And not just anywhere, either. You just happen to know he, like you and most other adventurers, keeps a secret stash in a secret place known only to him. You know there’s no way he could have smuggled the treasure out of Cambodia – not even Jack could pull that off so quickly after the heist. And, after a few days of intense research, you discover the location – it’s not far from the temples themselves.

So your team springs into action.

A few days later…

You disembark the plane under cover of night and head straight to the site. Jack has agents everywhere, and although you encounter no security you have no doubt you’ve been seen – you sense quick movement and faint sound from the shadows all around you.

Picking the lock, your team enters the Lost Room – and the door SLAMS shut behind you.

You’re locked in! Jack must be on the way… you know you have precious little time to solve whatever devious puzzles he’s designed to protect his stolen treasure.

You and your team set quickly to work. Will you find the lost treasures of Angkor – and escape the room in time?

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